Wednesday, 17 September 2014

finally. iphone cases.

My mum doesn't believe in smartphones. Meaning up until two years ago, I was still texting with a number pad on an indestructible Nokia phone. I finally got to upgrade to a basic Sony Xperia a couple years back, and while it was a smartphone, I was still unable to enjoy the innovative way of splurging on various phone cases as my phone was too peasant for case companies to make a model of. Two years of butchering the poor phone and labouring it to run apps that are far too advanced for the model's CPR to handle, I've finally traded that poor fellow in for my aunt's old iPhone 4. I say 'old' but it's in great condition and best of all? I can finally find a new way to spend money on beautiful things. 
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Monday, 15 September 2014

beauty confidential (aka save £10 on the naked palettes..etc)

Okay guys, this is it. I'm still sorting out some lighting problems with my new room but have no fear, I'm getting back on the blogging track again. What better way to kick start things than letting you guys know about probably, one of the best bargains in the beauty world. 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

currently loving #12

Being off the grid means the products I've been loving are like trees falling in the forest when there's no one around to hear it - too much? Anyway. I've been sticking to the same makeup routine for the past couple of months and am pretty much in a committed relationship with this quick routine. Because really, between the 35 degree summers back in Taiwan and moving flats in London, it's unrealistic to slap on anything more complex than eyeliner. 

Friday, 12 September 2014


Change is a natural process, it's an inevitable thing that will happen over time. Most of the time, we're unconscious of the inches moved until we look back and see the difference in dust markings. But when the change is conscious, it's a whole different story. Some people have the ability to take change in stride, some even embrace it. Me? I'm terrified.

Monday, 8 September 2014

[the face] unsure about this one

If you know me, I'm either all or nothing with my lip colours. Usually. With the exception of two lipsticks, all of the lip companions are bright, bold colours - which was exactly the choices I brought back to Taiwan. Now, while there are people that do wear a bold lip in the modern Asian city, we are rare gems. I remember wearing a red lip one day and I kept getting glanced at on the street and asked out in coffee shops. Lipstick should never be interpreted as an invitation for sleezy hit ons. My mum finally dragged me to the makeup counters to find me a more 'friendly' toned down lip option.